Active Communications is an expert in Unified Communications. It’s the mission of Active Communications to introduce companies to the business changing possibilities of this exciting new technology.


UC in a box: ACS

Active Communications specializes in state-of-the-art Unified Communications solutions (UC).

Active Communications has developed a special appliance for companies that want to implement Unified Communications without the hassle. The Active Communications Server (ACS) is an out of the box Microsoft Lync appliance. It is easy to implement and keeps maintenance cost low, on top of all the Unified Communications benefits offered by Microsoft Lync.


Unified Communications

Your company handles many different means of communication. Internally as well as with customers and suppliers. Email, chat, voice, fax, sms, video conference, etc.

Unifying your communication makes your communication more efficient, more professional and more engaging. More customer focused. More “people-centric”.

Active Communications optimizes your Unified Communications strategy by using Microsoft Lync.

Unified Communications

How to get started with Unified Communications

Unified Communications is not something you should dive into unprepared. It has the potential to significantly change the way you communicate internally and with suppliers and customers. A good preparation helps optimize the benefits from those changes.

Active Communications helps you to gather the necessary information before you get started.

About us

Active Communications is a developer of software and is a supplier of solutions that improve effectiveness of communications between customers, employees and suppliers.

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